Hello lovelies ,
I am Ria and i started this blog a few months back as an interesting means of expressing my views , ideas , projects and inspirations in the field of fashion and lifestyle.
I post stories which vary from fashion to beauty to trends to lifestyle and to some more. There is trendspotting at the Fashion weeks across India, reviews of collections, outfit posts, jewellery and accessories, other fashion related events and whatever else that catches my eye.
I believe in comfort when it comes to fashion . Fashion is just not about glamour and style , its also about looking trendy and smart in whatever attire one chooses to wear , but still be comfortable in it and carry themselves with poise.
I follow fashion but in my own unique way .
I believe that the best accessory a woman can wear is her confidence . It is the key to looking graceful irrespective of age. Believe in yourself because unless you believe in yourself , no one else will.

I am grateful to all my readers and followers whose support encourages me to put in more effort towards my work 🙂

I love all my followers ❤