There is magic in mornings , in white mist.

And green suns.

The eager buzz of bees , the coffee aroma.

Mating with my senses there is a knowing in it .

An activation.

When all is silent , all serene.

The rest of the world bound is Slumber’s sheet.

It is at this aboriginal hour , that a man can wake

And dream at the very same time

– this is when we live ❤

Hey there people ! How are you guys ? I am on a vacay mode right now and do not wish to do anything apart from sleeping and watching my favorite shows on Netflix coz I am hoommme 😀 Although I met my good friend Pranoy in town and we are planning to do something quite interesting and exciting together 🙂

So stay tuned guys and keep sending those wonderful emails to me , I know I haven’t posted at all in a while as I have been a little busy but will be back with lots of posts and stories for you peeps ! :*

Also don’t forget to check out Pranoy Biswas’s website for some pictures that are one of a kind 🙂

Love ,

Ria ❤