When it comes to fashion , women surely have a lot more diversity that men ! But we cannot deny the fact that a lot of the trends in women fashion is inspired by Men’s daily styles too. In fact women have been using so many outfits of men and rocked the casual feminine look , be it on the ramp or casual street style ! Well borrowing a man’s shirt or his trousers does not mean to literally wear it the way men do. It’s actually all about the playing with the contrasting colors and proportions. Frankly if you ask me , when it comes to comfort , oversized shirts or hoodies surpass our everyday pjs anyday ! As a matter of fact i shop from the men’s collection too , i mean i see it as options getting doubled ! Who wouldn’t want that ?

So , i have pulled out few outfits combined with both men and women fashion which one could easily carry with comfort and poise ! Ofcourse you gotta take care of the attitude for yourself 😛

  • BOYFRIEND SHIRTS : This is literally the staple clothing in a man’s wardrobe which we have borrowed proudly ! We love it for its appeal and how versatile it is. The fit is looser and easy . They are so easy to wear over anything , Jeans , skirts , trousers , shorts . I recently paired a classy white boyfriend shirt with front open in contrast with a bralette and a mid skirt. Got a lott of compiments 🙂



  • BOYFRIEND JEANS : Now this is arguably the best menwear inspired clothing ever. No other clothing is the world could make a woman look so sexy yet chic. We all know how irritating it can be at times to wear those skinny jeans through which you have to wiggle your way out. Taddaaaa ! Boyfriend jeans fit you in the right way yet gives you all the comfort you need.


  • BLAZERS : Originally blazers were brought by men in the fashion industry yet women today seem to totally rock them way better than the dudes ! Be it in the workplace or a casual girls night out ! They are in and for good !


  • LOAFERS : Borrowed from men’s footwear style these comfortable shoes have become a part of almost every woman’s life now. They offer a great blend with style and sophistication. And the best thing about these shoes are that they go with almost everything. Be it you all suited up or dressed in the most feminine manner.
  • CHINOS : Chinos are definitely one of my favorite attires too. They are so comfy and light weighted. Also , they are classy with a well tailored fit. Even though it gives a very elegant look but they can be paired for a casual attire too.
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  • OVERSIZED SWEATERS/PULLOVERS : Now be it your Father’s or your Husband or your lover’s , you cannot deny to the fact that there is no woman who does not like a sweater or even a sweater two times larger. I frankly do that all throughout winter 😛 See how you can wear the oversized sweaters in a much cooler way in the streets as well.


  • BIG DIAL WATCHES : The days are gone when only men used to wear big dial watches and women stuck to sleek looking feminine watches. Now women are opting for big dial watches in bulk. These watches have literally become a fashion statement at award shows , gatherings , ramp walks and where not. They are chunky , classy and bold too.


” I love to be a woman even in a man’s world .After all men can’t wear dresses but we can wear pants ”

That’s all for now , will come up with some new stories on the blog soon. Stay tuned for more . Also , write your queries and suggestions to me and send to or comment below 🙂

Love ,

Ria ❤