Ever thought that trackpants could be a part of seasonal trend? Well yeah , if you think trackpants are only to be worn with sneakers then you are so wrong . The way i see it , trackpants are something which is very comfortable to wear , hence can be worn by mixing and matching with different elements too. This Fashion Week we saw ladies wearing gym pants with heels and undone uppers. Color blocking and killing it on the ramp with statement bags . Also to add a feminine touch to the look they wore statement pieces like chokers , geometric earrings and rings with some quirky touch !

Why do you just want to limit yourself by wearing a casual tee , trackpants and sneakers right? Heels , slippers , leather jackets , bags and jewellery are only the few items you can add to your outfit. Little inquisitive , aren’t you? Well then let’s look into it a little more to get a clearer picture to how you can style your track pant / tracksuit in amazing ways which you might not have thought about earlier. Shall we?

  • With a Casual top , leather jacket and a pair of pointy heels


  • With crop and statement tops

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  • Pair your shirts ( printed or solid) with your track pants to give it in the street style


  • knotted tee and a shirt tied around the waist looks super hot doesn’t it?
  • Blazers too


  • Pair it up with your favorite cardigans : same color or different , its all in the game 😉
  • Bomber jackets maybe?


Before putting money in buying track pants , you should have a proper knowledge about the fit and cut of the track pant you want to buy ! Be vigilant when it comes to pairing the right kind of blazers , shoes , jewelleries too or you might end up making a lot of errors. Avoid wearing chunky shoes with such pants , the floaty pants are made to be worn with sleek heels or boots.

Have fun exploring this trend but do keep it mind that the look should not be shabby at all.Make sure there is no saggy crotch or dragging hem.

Also , just so you know i am not talking about tracksuits from Juicy couture velour like this


If you have these , don’t even think of taking them out from the closet. Put them right back ! 😛 If you want the trackpant trend to take a major step for your street fashion then follow few of the tips above and I am sure you will rock the whole outfit .

Have fun experimenting guys 🙂

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CIAO ! ❤