” I speak fluent emoji “

Love it or hate it emojis are a part of our daily lives now ! They have literally taken over the universe. They work as personality indicators as to how you are expressing yourself in front of the screen. Ever wondered the difference between an emoji and emoticon? Well , after doing a bit of research i found out that emoticon is mainly used sideways whereas emojis are small pictures that expression an emotion .

Emojis is spreading like fire so i guess there should be no surprise that it has started to influence the street style as well. A year ago who would have imagined showing a poop or ย  a face emoji on the type of clothing you are wearing right? Well not anymore ! Now you can use such emojis on clothes , shoes , earrings , a big medallion on your necklace maybe? Or models showcasing it on the runway !

So no doubt emojis are becoming one of the must have accessory this season. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian , Kanye West , Justin Beiber have been following this trend and making a statement of their own !

Check out these quirky outfits and accessories that are a must for your wardrobe :

  • Now for all the crop top and jacket lovers , these outfits are super cool for you. Make a boring outfit look all playful and interesting by pairing up these adorable tops and blazers.

























Wear comfy tees with joggers and trousers throughout the day ! Quirk it up more by experimenting with your hair , new hairstyles will make your whole look stand out ! Trust me ๐Ÿ˜‰



  • The one’s who always have their resting bitch face on like Kristen Stewart or Rihanna , you can show the world how much you want them away from you ๐Ÿ˜› Bagpacks and totes with the emoji of an unamused face have enough space for you to keep all your stuff including your cold cold heart ๐Ÿ˜›








And ofcourse other colourful bag packs too


  • Tell everyone how much you are crushing on the oh so adorable necklaces , bracelets and ear studs. These accessories attract the emoji lovers ofcourse but on the other hand it does not make the emoji haters roll eyes too ! i love how one can pull these off at a classy party as well as for street style !



  • Want to look extra quirky and fashionable? Try co ordinating your outfit with such cute pair of shoes. I mean lets face it , they look adorable ! You haven’t seen whimsical footwear until you have seen these emoji inspired footwears.


Every Fashion lover must know about CHIARA FERRAGNI right? Look how the very famous italian blogger Chiara Ferragni has her cupboard filled with emoji shoes. I follow her like crazy , she inspires the youth so much through her ideas in Fashion and style.Also , ย She seems absolutely determined to conquer the shoe world. Have you ever seen her shoe wardrobe? Name it and you will find any kind of shoe in the world. My favorite when it comes to emoticon inspired shoes is the eye shaped emoji on the glitter shoes. She said she loves eyes in general and mostly focus on that when it comes to designing shoes.


Let’s have a look at her quirky and absolute stunning shoes



Although only a few designers have showcased a few emoticon inspired apparels and accessories. I really hope this year emojis emerge into the street style and we get some style inspo from them. ย Don’t you think we can be a little quirky with emojis when it comes to fashion? Why not bring some fun to our outfits right?

If you guys like this post , share your views in your comments ! Suggestions are most welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ Also , i am planning to post some DIYs on emoji fashion. Stay tuned for that ๐Ÿ™‚