KEEP IT HYDRATED : Wash your face regularly with water or gently rub an ice cube over your face for a few minutes . This will allow breathing of your skin pores and help your monsoon makeup stay instead of smudging.


TONER : If you have dry skin , use a good toner from brands like VLCC , BOUTIQUE , LOTUS ,BODYSHOP post the ice application, Use an astringent if you have an oily skin.

MOISTURIZERS : When it comes to moisturizers , nothing works better than a water – based product.  They will help your skin to perspire and will keep acne and skin oiliness at bay


HAIR : Monsoon is not the time to go for elaborate hair – do’s . The hassle is keeping them in place . Stick to easy hairstyles like layers or bangs.  Wash your hair twice a week with a mild yet cleansing shampoo.


EYEBROWS : It is advised to keep your eye brows in shape during monsoon. This is because you might not always be able to whip out your eyebrow pencil and touch up during a heavy downpour.

PRIMER IS ESSENTIAL : Apply primer underneath your foundation or moisturizer of any sort . This will help you apply everything on our skin smoothly , and also make the make-up last for a couple of hours.


WATERPROOF EVERYTHING – Be it concealer , mascara or eyeliner , nowadays there are waterproof alternatives of almost every item. Switch from your regular lipstick to a lip stain or a matte shade that stay on longer.

POWDER PUFF IT – Well not too much . Just a light dusting of powder over the T zone will keep away oil. Make sure to pick one with finely milled particles to keep it away from looking patchy.


CREAMY BLUSH – Although i spoke about this earlier , will repeat once again !  If you are going to wear blush , opt for a cream formula rather than a powder, while everything else on your face is matte  a cream blush will add just the right amount of glow to your face. They are also meant to last longer on the skin than powder.


AVOID THE CAKE : Cakey makeup is NEVER  a good idea . But especially when the air is humid as it is , you would want to keep the layers on your skin as thin as possible. Switch your heavy foundation with a lighter , more breathable substitute.

ALWAYS CARRY YOUR ESSENTIALS : Carrying along your powder , concealer and lipstick will help you touch up whatever damage the humidity or rain has caused to your makeup. There’s nothing a quick touch up can’t fix !


KEEP THEM PROTECTED : With all the levels of moisture in the air all the time , take extr care of your fav products specially while travelling. Keep them from getting spoiled. Switch to a waterproof bag !

KEEP IT SIMPLE AND FUN : Remember , the fewer the steps in the routine , the easier will it be to apply. Because, despite all the precautions , there’s always a chance you’ll get splashed by a passing car 😛


I hope this post will be helpful for you guys during this season 🙂 For queries and suggestions email me at rchakravarty5@gmail.com

xoxo , Ria ❤