Hey there guys , Its been long since i haven’t posted ! I was kinda having a gala time with my girls here in Pune , and a little busy with my usual work too. I was flooded with emails where so many of you asked me to write a post giving you tips on how to makeup during monsoons so there you goooo !  It will be a pretty long post since i have so much to guide you with so i decided to post it part wise !

As rainy days tend to take over our lives , everyone looks out for ways to recreate the same makeup to – do- list or say heavy makeup without it being ruined. The reason is quite understood without saying – but ofcourse the RAINS. The heavy downpour would just mess up the complete look and leav you behind looking like a complete fool ! A disaster ! A DISASTER FOOOL !!! Now who wants to look like crap right??? Makeup must never be mundane. To get your creative juices flowing again , here is a lowdown on all that is trending in the world of fashion, beauty tips to follow during this monsoon season. Also , pointers on how to put your makeup on flawlessly without letting the season get to you !



MAKE-UP BASE : It will be good if you keep your make-up base lighter so that your skin can breathe and does not sweat too much . Humid weather makes the skin sweat more and the base makeup is also likely to get patchy therefore keep the base makeup light . Light water based foundations and light BB creams are best for the monsoon season.   Try out BB creams from Revlon , Lancome , Maybelline.


BLUSH : Rather than using powser blushes , you can use cream blushes . If you want some extra color then apply a layer of powder blush over the cream blush so that it will last longer and stays longer on your cheeks to give a glow and color to your face.


COLOUR UP YOUR EYES : Are you ready for an 80s throwback?   Coloured eye shadows and kajals are on a roll this season , if you are all about the winged eyeliner, try switching conventional black for a shocking azure instead. For a subtler look try cobalt pencil and smudge it along your lashline. If you are too scared to go all blue then add some black kohl to darken the whole look or simply go for a navy blue liner. Pair it with nude lips and mascara on the eyelashes to finish the whole look.



EYEBROWS : If you like to fill the eyebrows then use pencils and not eye brow powders. Pencils have a creamy texture hence they will stick on the skin better even if you sweat or get wet in the rain unlike the brow powder that would bring down the whole powder underneath your eyes to make your eyes darker. You can also apply brow gels.


EYESHADOWS : You must be aware by now that any sort of powder base on the eyes will eventully wash away because of the rain and drip down your eyes making you look like some emo girl.  In the rainy season, when the humidity is higher , cream eyeshadows are the best to look out for.


METALLIC LIPSTICK : Kylie jenner’s influence on everything , beauty cannot be taken as a joke anymore. She was spotted with a black pout on her instagram account and it became a trend. Golden lips were also spotted on the runway of Spring 2016  , Prada collection. Featuring gold , bronze , silver , steel in metallic reflective colours. Nothing about this trend is subtle , but even though you love it or hate it , you can’t stop people from wearing it. Complement your metallic lips with eye shadow to match if you want to make a statement. Or simply let your pout do all the talking by being a star of the show and downplaying the rest of your makeup. You can also top any lipstick with shimmery gold bronze or silver eyeshadow patted in the center of your lips to give an ombre finish.




LOOSE GLITTER : Lovers of sparkle and bling , its time to rejoice . you may have had to suppress your crafty side for years , but this season you can go all out with glitter without looking like a nine year old. The runways stand as a solid proof for this trend. Models were spotted wearing sparkles as an eyeshadow , also along the inner corner of the eye lids , which is always a great look. While this look may not be appropriate for work , but its perfect for nightouts  and festivals. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal and add a dusting of glitter above your eyes for a soft angelic look. Or alternatively . you could pack some loose shimmer over a smokey eye for a more intense version of this trend.  Ofcourse , how i mentioned earlier use a cream base to make the glitter stay . If its creamy / gel glitter then apply some cream on the eye lids before applying the glitter , that would make it stay for long.


As i told you previously , this could take quite a while to highlight you with all the tips  , hence stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 ! I will post it in a day or two 🙂

Also , i will try to keep up with all the other emails you guys sent me, all of your suggested topics will be up soon 🙂

Till then , Take care !


Ria ❤