” Sweating while you shop is an exercise, The cuter you dress while you work out , the better you feel and the harder you work”

 So , we all know this year has been very exciting regarding health and fitness. More people are getting aware towards staying fit not only to meet the demands for the urban lifestyle but also to keep their body in proper shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. “Being healthy or fit isn’t a fad or a trend , it’s a lifestyle” – we all agree to this , but come on we don’t wanna dress too shabbily to a gym do we? Always dress your best , yes ! Always . Even when you are working out.  Just like fashion, fitness is imperative. Why not look stunning while in the process of achieving that perfect body that you have always desired? It is fundamental to choose the right outfit for your workout sessions not solely because of aesthetic appeal, but also for you to feel comfortable.

So , now you may ask why to dress up so much when its just a work out? Basically, when you look good and dress just right for your workout it instills a feel good factor within you which galvanize you into working out harder and better.

Let’s check out some comfortable yet trendy workout outfits for you ladies ! 🙂



When you decide to wear something relatively loose while working out, it is important to wear the perfectly fitting inner wear. I am sure you would not want to attract eyeballs to your bouncing assets 😛 Now, you can wear your loose tanks with sexy sports bra inside so that you have something skin tight inside. Pair it up with either tights or loose sweatpants.


  • LONG SLEEVES : They are excellent for grip while doing your cardio exercises . While running especially, they help you maintain a balance and grip.9ea10e6cd4976ff8339a8309e63c92fb1511306227c19c06d52eec19a6510592


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  • BALLET WRAP TO GO : This one is for the girly ones out there , choose the right fabric for your ballet wraps which can quickly absorb sweat . Ballet wrap tops look very pretty and every fitness girl must definitely own one 🙂

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  • CROPPED TOPS : Come on, who doesn’t like crop tops now?! Need I say more about these ‘always in fashion’ tops? Just do not forget to wear the right bra inside.


  • SPORTS BRA : Personally, I am not a fan of these because it might be a  little too revealing and you wouldn’t want the opposite sex ogling on you while you sweat it out. So , those of you who are comfortable with wearing just the bralette well and good , for the others , try pairing it up with a cardigan or a sweatshirt (ofcourse of the right material) .

Athleta Summer 2014, LA, CA

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  • SPAGHETTI TOPS : These are just perfect for summers and easy hand movements. They are available in beautiful bright colours, so ditch those boring, dull colours and bring a zing to your gym wear.




  • CROPPED LEGGINGS : Easily available and affordable at the same time, leggings are the most common gym wear. If you are fond of vibrant colours then I have a good news for you! They are available in colours like electric pink, aqua blue, emerald green and quirky orange to name a few at Calvin Klein and Nike . Grab them now 🙂


  • TRACK PANTS: This bottom style has been in existence for ages now. They are comfortable and can never be a wrong choice for any kind of workout.

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  • DIVIDED SKIRTS :  love wearing these! They look so pretty yet sporty. However, you must keep in mind your kind of workout before opting to wear these. Don’t wear it to your Yoga class, that would be a bad idea 😛 These skirts are basically for sports like Badminton and Tennis.RRL2035-BK-ALTSuper-Stylish-Workout-Clothes7


  • Spandex Shorts : It’s well known for its elasticity and thus, it is perfect for yoga and floor exercises that require stretching.


Mix and match these uppers and bottoms according to your type of workout, body shape and style.


  1. MIX FUNCTION AND FASHION : Firstly , the fabric used is all performance fabric , so it’s not see through. It’s very comfortable , stretchable , and sweat absorbing. Invest money buying clothes that suffice these needs rather than just being fashionable. You don’t wanna face a fashion mishap while you are stretching 😛
  2. KEEP UP WITH THE TRENDS : A year back fitness did not have trends , it was mainly just loose clothes with basic black or white color, but now its seasonal . Earlier it was mesh fabric but now its all about pop colors , patterns and color-blocking. Nike , Calvin klein , Puma have come up with such playful patterns that you cannot miss having a pair in your wardrobe 🙂
  3. ACCESSORIZE YOURSELF : Remember , it takes just one element to turn your gym wear into street style.  A pair of reflectors , denim/leather jacket , shirt tied around the waist, a long cardigan , beanie and a sling bag to go with. These are some elements that can be added to your outfit while coming / going to the gym ! Don’t lose the sporty element. Dont add a cat-eye sunnie with a zip up jacket , or a fringed jacket with a sports bra. Gigi Hadid , Kendall Jenner , Taylor Swift , Kylie are on of the sexiest workout icons when it comes to streetstyle.


4. WHEN IN DOUBT , STICK TO NEUTRALS :For youngsters , play up with vibrant colors but for those who are in their 50s or 60s try wearing geometric patterns , neutrals colors at first then experiment with the brighter colors once you start getting comfortable.

Hey you beautiful, don’t doubt your fashion adroitness, get inside your gym outfit and sweat it out in style! Do a Badass workout and get a Badass physique 😉 And don’t forget to check out the stores of Calvin Klein , Nike , Puma for such outfits. If you want to invest in your body , do invest on the suitable workout wear too .

I hope this post helped you guys dress better when working out.Sorry for the long post 😛 i wanted to provide you guys with as much information.

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With love , Ria ❤