” I fell in love with black , it contained all the colors ! It wasn’t a negation of color , it was the most aristocratic color of all . You can be quiet and it contains the whole thing “

Hey there guys , so these are the words of Louise Nevelson. Don’t you sort of relate to it? For me Black is a sensation , it is something that is emitted in the absence of light . The sensation of black is completely different from all the other sensations . There is something about black , You will hidden away with it . Well , all these thoughts help me a lot when it comes to dressing myself .

Black is modest and arrogant at the same time ,Β 

Black is lazy and easy but mysterious .Β 

Pairing up crop tops with skirts have been a major trend this season. And i haven’t given up a single chance when it comes to dressing up this way. Parties , Gatherings , casual meetings , Crop tops and skirts will never go wrong ! It makes you look confident , sexy and attractive ofcourse πŸ˜›

Going all black has always been my thing , so i styled myself with this very subtle blingy crop top from House of pink and skirt from Stalk buy love !


IMG_20160604_103353Β  Β  Β  Β IMG_20160524_163447


This high waist skirt is extremely comfortable , and it has pockets on both the sides πŸ˜› You can pair this up with all sorts of crop tops and look absolutely chic and classy !


IMG_20160604_103257 (1)IMG_20160525_012218IMG_20160604_105057

IMG_20160604_105218These sexy pair of boots are from Forever 21 , and i got them at such Β great price ! I love this color , very edgy and gives it such a country side look !


I hope you guys had a good read πŸ™‚ Though there was very little writing this time πŸ˜› The pictures itself show what i am trying to portray , andi’m sure that all the fashion lovers must have already tried this look .

I will be styling this skirt with something very exciting , hope you guys like it.

Keep sending me those emails πŸ™‚ Helps me a lott to work harder on my stories !

Much love , Ria ❀