” I think it’s nice to say the word POM POM as often as you can , it’s fun isn’t it? ” 😀

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I’m sure a lot of you already know about the pom-pom trend this summer which has been rolling out like crazy ! If you are looking for an easy way to update your look for fall , PICK UP SOME POM – POMS ! ( and no , not the one’s cheerleaders use :P) They are quirky , playful and adorable little baubles of fluff that are popping up on all sorts of accessories right now—and it’s impossible to look at them without cracking a smile 🙂 Since the time Cara Delevinge , showed off her Fendi cute bags , these pretty baubles have taken the fashion industry by storm. She definitely is our fav girl ! These are few of my chosen looks which are a complete bomb for summer outfits .

  • Wearing a boring and blah outfit ? Wanna add some colors ? Pom Poms to the rescue ! 😀 Just put on some pom pom earrings and add a little fun to your look . You can skip the earrings too and try on a necklace just the same to jazz it up ! Here are some bloggers who have styled their look and this looks so quirky !


  • These colorful pom poms will also enhance your traditional wear , They blend flawlessly with all sorts of ethnic outfits and add a dash of frolic – instantly dialing up the chic factor of your Indian outfits. They add a more youthful and whimsical vibe to a saree, your average kurta, kolhapuris…you name it! Those of you who are a little inclined towards creative making , you will be happy to know that DIY s for making these beautiful earrings and necklaces are pretty easy ,so why not try making your own pom pom inspired jewellery box?




  • No matter what day it is , a pair of pom pom sandals will always work for you ! They are such perfect and playful , so many colors on your feet , all at once . Have a look at these pretty pretty footwears and i am sure you would want one of them to be in your shoe collection 😀

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  • Apart from all these , pom poms are quite an inpiration when it comes to clutches , outfits , hair ties and bracelets too ! A good outfit always requires good accessories to complete the look ,  Bags with tassels and pom poms give the look an ethnic touch as well as a bright an offbeat look . These are so easy to make i tell you , one can actually sit at home and give their whole wardrobe a little makeover.




We can say that a pom-pom is the sartorial counterpart of balloons, chocolates, festivals and everything fun! Life is too short to be boring, so hop on the cheerful bandwagon and get the party started! 🙂

Hope you guys had a good read , Do not forget to try these littles bundles of fluffys now ! 🙂 Style yourself with pom pom inspired jewelleries and outfits and tag me in your pictures ! Would love to see how pretty you guys would look ! ^_^

More stories on the go , till then take care peeps !

Pom Pom love to everyone ,

Ria ❤