” Anyone can get dressed up and look glamorous , but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing ” 

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I have been asked to write a post on how to dress up in a semi-formal attire yet keeping it chic casual and not too extravagant. Well , A semiformal casual look can be very flexible for women. It’s a look that is less formal than black-tie but more dressy than an everyday or business attire look. It’s all about looking elegant yet keeping it simple ! 🙂

I’m sure all the working ladies will agree with me on the fact that it is easy to dress the whole week in a formal attire as you know you gotta stick to the dress code , but on Fridays & Saturdays it becomes a bit tough to select your office dress isn’t it? You need to take care that the outfit you plan on wearing must be casual yet not lose the essence of a formal wear.

Events with semiformal dress codes could be a wedding , afternoon tea, graduations, lunch meetings , dance ,functions,  award ceremonies and many others.

When it’s the start of a new week ,with that,starts a whole new week of new outfits. Check out these work-appropriate outfit ideas to wear this week which i feel would be perfect to wear at such events not disrespecting the formal dress code yet making a style statement of your own by pairing up a few things differently 😉  Don’t lean into a look that is either too dressed up or too casual. 🙂 


  • Layer a checkered shirt dress over a simple shift dress. Keep it open or leave the checkered dress buttoned then simply complete the look with platform shoes.
  • You could also wear a long summer dress with a check shirt and sneakers or pointed heels with it. 
  • Remember , a watch never dissappoints you , so wear an elegant watch to match with your outfit. 
  • Don’t forget to carry a statement bag enhancing the whole look and you are good to go 🙂 


outfit ideas for work tomorrow 1



  • Look simply chic in minimal monotones – a white-on-white outfit that consists of a cute girly white top, white culottes and silver metallic pointed-toe heels.
  • Ruffle up your look with white ruffled sleeves and black trousers with pointed toe heels 
  • Keep minimal makeup on : this being a day look ! 

outfit ideas for work tomorrow 2


  • Simply layer a bright-colored blazer to any simple dress. It will easily upgrade your boring outfit into something interesting. Complete the look with classic pumps and bag.
  • You can pair up blazers up with almost anything , try it with a summer jumpsuit , tied hair updo or just a pony would do ! Minimal makeup with classic shades , bright coloured clutch and sneakers. 
  • Waterfall blazers are something very classy , so pair it up with a summer floral top inside and trousers with peep toe pumps.





  • Wear a striped top to the office and make it look smart and professional by pairing it with a blazer, white trousers and high heels. Don’t forget the accessories like a silver watch, pendant necklace and a nice shoulder bag.
  • We all know Palazzos work wonders when it comes to semi formal. Try wearing a printed blazer with a solid coloured palazzo or vice versa . Mix and match colours or stick to one single color. Whatever you wish 🙂 

outfit ideas for work tomorrow 4



  • An extra pop of color is what you’re boring outfit needs sometimes, especially on Mondays. Wear those brand-spankin’ new pair of high heels you haven’t even worn since you’ve been having a hard time styling them. If you can easily get away with wearing jeans to work, wear something smart casual – top with a blazer over it and a classic purse .


  • A midi dress is super versatile – make it work casually or to the office by pairing it with the right outerwear



outfit ideas for work tomorrow 9


  • Denim shirt to the office? Yes, it will actually work. All you need is to pair it with a pencil skirt, high heels and maybe a smart-looking neck accessory.



outfit ideas for work tomorrow 10Also , keep these in mind before getting into the semi formal look :

  • Choose fabrics very carefully, For instance, for a morning or afternoon affairs, you would want to wear fabrics that are light and airy like chiffon. Other semiformal fabrics include velvet, satin, chiffon, taffeta and sateen. 
  • Dress suits and dresses should fall below the knee or an inch above the knee. 
  • Choose statement jeweleries , minimal to be precise . Bracelets, rings, necklaces go well with an elegant dress. They are sophisticated and chic. Avoid wearing plastic or wood type of jeweleries.
  • In warm temperatures, you should wear bright, pastel and light shades while in cool temperatures, go for dark hues like plum, burgundy, navy and dark greens.
  • Don’t bring a bulky bag to a semi formal event. Instead, opt for elegant clutches, skinny pouches or little evening bag .DSC2185-copy
  • Keep your hair beautifully styles like a French braid, a half-up twist, a side-twist updo or anything that will look elegant.  It’s best to wear makeup as natural as possible.



I hope this post was helpful enough for you guys ! I tried my level best to provide you with all the information in detail. Carrying off a semi formal look is not at all difficult , just keep the above Do’s and Don’ts in mind and you will undoubtedly steal the show 😉


For queries / suggestions mail me at rchakravarty5@gmail.com ( you know i am always open to it ) , and i will get back to you ASAP !