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November 2015

Embrace the short height🌸

Fashion tips for short girls can cover a range of topics covering from colours to styles to patterns to designs , there are a lot of dos and don’ts out there one should take care of. Though the main oomph factor for a short girl is her confidence and persona , why not creating an illusion to make you look taller by the way you dress as well. Let’s look at some tips to look taller and stylish at the same time

1) MONOCHROME STARTUP : Wearing a single colour from top to bottom can help create an elongated silhouette giving the illusion of height. Too many colours on your body can break up your silhouette and create a blocky image.


2) SAY HI TO HEELS👠 : One of the basic tips for short women is to wear tall heels , whether you are after a bit of a lift or added inches, heels will always give you extra height . If you are not after teetering along in high heels why not try out safer ways like maybe wedges or block heels?

3) GO HIGH WAIST : Proportions are a must when it comes to wearing clothes . wearing high waisted pants , shorts or skirts create an optical illusion . The higher the waist – line the more you see longer legs hence creating a more willowy silhouette .

4) NEVER BE AFRAID OF MAXIS : All the short girls are mostly afraid to try out maxi dresses or skirts. Well don’t be ! Full pleated skirts have a tendency to shallow you up , where mostly the fear of maxis lies
Stick to sleek column style maxi skirt and dresses and you are good to go !IMG_20151126_180227IMG_20151126_180244

5) SHOW OFF SHORTER HEMLINE : Mini skirts and dresses are good for the ones who have long legs. Combined with the right choice of the shoe one could give a very sleek and longer look .
However skirts that finish just above your knee are preferably suitable for shorter girls

6) CHOOSE THE RIGHT PANTS : Pants are very essential when it comes to proportions. As mentioned earlier, high waist pants are the best suited for short girls, also fitted jeans but not to sleek makes one’s look a little tall to the naked eye. Try and avoid any wide legged or voluminous styles.



7) AVOID CROPPED PANTS : Pants that finish above the shoe makes one look more shorter and gives thicker legs, you want a hem that covers most of your shoe as this will give the appearance of longer legs.

8) BEWARE THE FIT : Shorter girls need to embrace fitted clothing. Anything too slouchy or voluminous has the potential to add extra bulk and make you look stockier than you are.IMG_20151126_180001IMG_20151126_175946
9) CHOOSE THIN BELTS : Belts can be pretty risky when it comes to short girls. Using a belt to cinch in a dress or a top can effectively cut your body in half and hamper efforts of creating a longer silhouette. As a general rule, however, stick to slimmer belts, as they are better proportioned.

10) WEAR DARKER COLOURS : Wearing dark and bold colours can give you sleeker, streamlined appearance. That’s why we have the whole “ black makes you look slimmer” theory right? Wearing dark colours together can help create and elongated figure.

11) EMBRACE ALTERATIONS : Don’t get afraid to get ur dresses altered to suit your stature. Alterations such as shortening hems or torsos can make a lott of difference to your look. Creating a streamline silhouette balances on the fitting of the clothes.

12) AVOID OVERSIZED HANDBAGS 👜: Never overlook accessories when it comes to styling. Choosing the right handbag is a must . Shorter girls should carry small handbags rather than oversized bags.
Oversized handbags swamp your body appearance and make you look immensely shorter than you are. So NEVER carry huge bags .

13) WEAR WEARING LINES : Since a long time we have heard that horizontal lines gives a wider look to someone’s stature similiarly Vertical lines make a short girl get an elongated appearance . you don’t have to wear multiple stripes either , as a single vertical stripe can have the same lengthening look. That’s the magic of just one single vertical line !IMG_20151126_175635

14) CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRINT : Prints and patterns are very much required when it comes to styling yourself. Shorter girls should avoid wider patterns and prints instead go for longer prints that will cascade down the whole look .


15 ) WEAR POINTED FLATS : Shoes with pointed flats can give a longer look to the legs. If heels aren’t your thing and you are hell bent on wearing flat shoes, ditch the ballet flat and opt for a pointed toe instead.

6) AVOID ANKLE STRAPS : Ankle straps make your legs look thicker . if you want your legs to look thinner and lean avoid ankle straps at any cost.

17) WATCH THE NECKLINE : V shapes and u shaped necklines also aid the illusion of height for shorter and petite girls.they can also be much more flattering than high necklines and collars.

18) HAVE CONFIDENCE : No matter how short or how tall you are , confidence is something which is a must that every girl should carry. Its very important to exude confidence.

Are you on the shorter side of the height spectrum? Hope you can find this post a little handy when it comes to choosing the right clothes, accessories or shoes for yourself.

And Do Remember ….

Short girls are always cute 💛




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